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Droid Design provides you the tools to design and create your very own racing frame made here in the UK!

About Us.

What we do.

UK UAV Drone Design Service

Design/CAD Service

To bring your idea to life you first need a CAD file to tell the machines what to do - If you have these already then perfect send them over and we will get started! If not, fear not - Just send us a basic sketch of what your after and we will produce one for you.

UK Carbon Fibre CNC Cutting Service

CNC Machining

Our in house multi-axis machines allow us to mill a range of different materials including; Carbon Fibre; Aluminium; Perspex; ABS and much more! We can also engrave into surfaces meaning we can add your social channel, FPV name or maybe even your real name...?

UK FPV Quad Drone 3D Printing Service

3D Printing

Some new boots for your freshly cut carbon perhaps? Or a sleek aerodynamic canopy for your racer? Pretty much anything goes with 3D printing - Who said it has to be for your quad? We can print in a huge range of different materials including the most popular flexible. Our huge machine can print parts up to 60cm tall!